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Espresso Coffee Beans - A Cup of Coffee Expressly Brewed For You

The term espresso is Italian in origin. It was first coined in the 1900's and was translated to mean "a cup of coffee expressly brewed for you".

The coffee bean is the core of espresso. The flavor comes from the heart and center of the coffee berry. Coffee beans grow on trees which thrive in a tropical climate. They can either end up hand picked or mechanically picked. The best way to ensure quality beans is to hand pick the berries. However , this method with harvesting results in higher costs for premium espresso coffee beans. Each coffee berry has two seeds. Coffee is usually shipped in an un-roasted state because when they are un-roasted they have a much longer shelf life than roasted. best espresso coffee beans only has a shelf life of about two weeks because after roasting, the taste and aroma dies out rapidly.

Roasting is a very important aspect in creating quality brew. The beans are roasted in large turning drums for 10 to 20 minutes at approximately 450 degrees. The roasting profile can be adjusted to suit the roaster's taste and preference. The beans will need to rest for 12 to 36 hours after with regard to degassing. The process causes chemical changes to occur in the coffee bean. Roasted espresso coffee beans has approximately 1500 chemical substances which often interact in order to create a distinctive flavor to coffee.
Espresso coffee is a 1 to 2 ounce shot of pressure-brewed coffees using about one tablespoon of finely ground coffee crystals. It is normally brewed for about 25 to 26 seconds. When it is properly brewed, it will feature a thick layer of rich golden cream on the surface which is called crema. That crema is an indicator that you are getting a quality cup of espresso.
Sugar or sweeteners can be added to a glass of espresso. However , espresso is a true joy to experience without added additives so you can appreciate and taste that pure essence of espresso.

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